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Executive Healthcare Administrative Leadership | QAPI Audits | Drives Patient Satisfaction | Policy & Procedure Development

HIPAA | Marketing | Servant Leader | Talent Management | New Program Development | Financial Oversight | Budgeting

Texas HHS Compliance | Infection Control | Training/Professional Development | Business Law | Data Analysis | Negotiation

Project Management | Strategic Planning | Defines KPIs | Organizational Behavior | Change Management


Why I decided to become a Healthcare Consultant?


I believe in the power of knowledge; we must educate ourselves to understand the business. Majority of people confuse a prosperous business with numbers, rather than the performance and sustainability of a business, which solely depends on the quality and not quantity. We must remedy the problem, in order to have a successful company. Here at OANA, we are aware there are organizations filled with passionate people, who would love to take their business to the next level, however, lack the proper tools. We would love to have you as a client, and help your business reach its full potential. 

Why choose this organization under my leadership?

I am an ambitious, business/operational-focused professional with a Master of Business Administration, accompanied by a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration. An analytical mindset, and a career history in operations management as a business/healthcare leader. I mentor and empower teams to exceed performance benchmarks, drive financial vitality, fosters customer-focused involvements, designs strategic solutions to improve year over year performance, prioritizes concurrent projects to meet competing and ambitious deadlines, resolves conflicts with diplomacy and fairness. 

I am knowledgeable in business negotiation, finance, accounting, organizational behavior and/or management, international business, business planning, medical billing, and coding (ICD-9/CPT), HIPAA, Medisoft, PeopleSoft, explanation of benefits (EOB), and medical terminology. I manage a wonderful team, while delivering value propositions to accelerate sales growth. I built positive public relations across the community and industry, conducted competitive and marketed intelligence, analyzed business, sales, and financial data to author comprehensive reports, designed marketing collateral, and maintained financial integrity while managing client's payments.

I foster collaborative learning environments, maintain regulatory compliance, resolve behavioral issues, and document client's progress. I deliver an effective systematic approach, to transfer knowledge and unlock the full potential of each client's organization.  I am also a Certified Health Information Specialist, and a proud member of The National Society of Leadership and Success, Chapter of Sigma Alpha Pi: Society Presidential Member. Along with Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training, Provider of Training in the Administration of Home and Community Support Services Agencies (HCSSA) Administrators and Alternate Administrators, and an Associate of Arts.

Core Competencies: International Business, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Marketing, Business Finance, Foundations of Healthcare Administration, Physician Group Practice Management, Healthcare Planning and Marketing, Medical Reimbursement, HR Management, Legal Dimension, Business Law, Accounting, Statistics, and Financial Dimension in Healthcare Administration.


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