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frequently asked Questions

Disclaimer: All parties involved (staff or clients) are expected to respect each other and create a safe environment. All matters that do not meet this expectation, will be addressed and handled accordingly. However, OANA Healthcare & Consulting employees' actions are to align with company's policy and procedures. 

What is personal concierge?

Personal Concierge services assist individuals with their overflow of tasks and errands, such as traveling arrangements, work events, house sitting, meal preps, and much more.

What are the options to pay for personal concierge services?

  • Checks

  • Debit cards

  • Credit cards

  • Mobile payments

  • Electronic bank transfers

  • PayPal


Who is eligible for home health care?

Any person 21 years old and older. 

Can I utilize private insurance for personal concierge services?

No. This is a luxury service, which is generally paid out of pocket by clients. 


Are OANA Healthcare & Consulting employees supervise?

All employees are monitored and evaluated on a continuous basis. Our staff is subject to a monthly routine and systematic approach, to ensure safety and adherence of company's policy.  

Are OANA Healthcare & Consulting employees screened?

All employees are required to complete a mandatory background investigation. 

Will I receive a list of responsibilities of all parties involved?


Yes. You will receive a copy.

How are problems addressed and resolved? How can I or another family member contact the company regarding requests, questions or complaints?

Follow up with management promptly regarding requests, questions, and/or complaints. We are available 24/7, to address any matter or concern.

Are OANA Healthcare & Consulting employees friendly and helpful?

Yes. The entire staff of OANA Healthcare & Consulting is extremely friendly and helpful. There is no place in this organization for substandard customer service and/or lack of support. We have a zero tolerance for such behavior. 

Does OANA Healthcare & Consulting provide continuing education to their employees?

Yes. We believe it is necessary and it is required. 

What if I do not approve of the personal concierge, can I request for a new one?

Certainly. Our goal is to ensure the client is comfortable and stree free.


What happens if the the personal concierge doesn’t show up on time, or a no-show?

Contact the office immediately, and we will have someone there promptly. However, if our staff member is late or a no show, you will be notified in advance. 

Does OANA Healthcare & Consulting provide written job descriptions, so clients know what duties to expect from the staff?

Yes. All clients will receive a copy of the staff's role and responsibilities, prior to the start date.

Does OANA Healthcare & Consulting have quality of care standards and a plan, or program to maintain and improve quality?

Yes. We utilize audit and governance reports to demonstrate the quality of work, as described in a quality standard, or in professional development and validation. We have a plan and programs to improve access and quality for our clients.

Is OANA Healthcare & Consulting employees Bonded and Insured?

Yes. All of our employees are bonded and insured. Our goal is to provide clients with a peace of mind. 

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