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OANA is committed to providing a safe and productive enviornment!

Applicants for Employment. All applicants who are offered employment with OANA will be subject to a background investigation. Offers of employment are contingent on the successful completion of a background investigation and drug test, conducted in accordance with OANA'S policy and state law.


Current Employees. Current employees who are being considered for promotion or transfer may be subject to a background investigation. Background investigations may also be conducted as part of an internal investigation of alleged employee misconduct.


Every offer of employment with OANA will be made contingent on a background investigation. The nature and extent of the investigation will depend on the job duties of the position for which an offer is made. The following chart sets forth the types of background investigations that may be conducted:

Type of Investigation

Criminal History Check

Reference checks; verification of past employment, education, military record, driving record, professional certifications, and other information provided by an applicant

Credit History Report


OANA will request criminal records related to felony and misdemeanor convictions in the past 7 years. Crimes of particular concern include crimes against persons, involving weapons, theft or fraud, and drugs or alcohol.

OANA will request references from past employers and verify previous employment, education, military service, and professional certifications. OANA will also verify any other information provided by an applicant that it determines is job related.

OANA will obtain a credit report in situations where there is a business necessity for such information, e.g., security-sensitive positions.


All Positions

All Positions

Security-sensitive positions include positions in [Applicable Departments]. These positions involve access to significant levels of cash or negotiable securities, responsibility for the execution or approval of financial transactions, responsibility for accounting related to accounts receivables, responsibility for inventory receipt and control, and access to sensitive data such as OANA'S computer systems, customer credit cards, and personal information.

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