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10 signs of a good quality home health agency

A client has the right, to choose their own healthcare provider. It is essential, you ask important questions. Discussing topics related to your health, with your health care agency, builds trust and leads to better results, quality, safety, and satisfaction. Quality health care is a team effort. You play an important role.

According to Medicare decide if these statements are true to help you identify a good quality home health agency:

  1. The staff is polite and treats me and my family with respect.

  2. The staff does these:

    • Explains my plan of care to me and my family

    • Lets us participate in creating the plan of care

    • Lets us know ahead of time of any changes

  3. The staff is properly trained and licensed to perform the type of health care I need.

  4. The agency explains what to do if I have a problem with the staff or the care I’m getting.

  5. The agency responds quickly to my requests.

  6. The staff checks my physical and emotional condition at each visit.

  7. The staff responds quickly to changes in my health or behavior.

  8. The staff checks my home and suggests changes to meet my special needs and to ensure my safety.

  9. The staff has told me what to do if I have an emergency.

  10. The agency and its staff protect my privacy.

To find out if OANA Heathcare & Consulting is right for you, give us a call.

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