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Tips On Choosing the Right Caregiver

Here at OANA Healthcare & Consulting, we understand the sensitivity of this nature. It can be quite fearsome, selecting a caregiver. Which is why, we provided great tips, to help you along the way. According to the Institute of Aging:

Understand Your Home Care Needs.

It’s one thing to say that your loved one needs a caregiver; it is another to know exactly why. Do they need help with daily functions? Someone to make sure they aren’t falling? Someone to take them to various appointments and activities? Someone to cook, clean, handle medicinal regimes? There are various levels of care needed, and you should start from there. A Geriatric Care Assessment is a great way to fully understand the needs involved. 

Understand Your Financial Reality. 

Everyone would love to have a team of PhD caregivers working round the clock. For most people, however, that isn’t a reality. That’s why you need to fully understand how much you and anyone else in the family can realistically afford before you start the search. Taking care of an older loved one can be stressful enough; you don’t want to add to that stress by being suddenly overwhelmed by costs.

Involve all Stakeholders.

Do you have brothers and sisters, cousins, other relatives, anyone who is going to help? Make sure they are part of the decision, have inputted what they can contribute (time, money, food, etc), and use that as part of your planning. If there is one person who can’t afford much but can come by once a week and prepare several healthy casseroles that means no one has to cook during the week, take that into account. That’s part of your overall needs assessment.

Prepare a Job Description. 

Have you ever applied for a job where the interviewer didn’t seem to know what, exactly, you’d be doing? If so, you probably didn’t want to work there. It’s the same when you are interviewing someone. Prepare a full and accurate description of the job, focusing on the personal needs of your loved one. You don’t want to sugarcoat things, as you’d hate to hire someone only for them to find out that they aren’t qualified. No caregiver will know what to expect and, therefore, if they can accomplish it unless you tell them.

Conduct Background Checks. 

If you are using an agency, make certain you ask about their background checks.  If you are hiring an individual, you may need to run your own check. 

  • Credentials (You can check people who are licensed nurses, CNAs, or who have certifications in first aid and more)

  • Criminal background

  • Residency status

Do What Feels Right. 

At the end of the day, after finding someone who is technically qualified, experienced, and who has great references, you still have to make a guess. You don’t know how things will work on the day to day level. This is where you have to take a leap of faith. Go with what you feel is right, knowing that nothing is guaranteed. Also, include your family members on your decision.They have to have a say in this as well, as much as possible. Don’t exclude them. If you can, have them be in on interviews. That’s the only way to judge a relationship. 

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